Love Chooses You

If you find yourself in love with someone, and that someone does not love you... be gentle to yourself, there is nothing wrong with you, but love just did not choose to rest in that someone's heart...

If you find someone in love with you and you cannot answer that love... feel honoured that love has came by and called on your door... but gently refuse the feeling you cannot return, as love did not choose to settle in your heart.

If you find yourself in love with someone and the love return... it still can happen that love chooses to leave.. do not try to claim it and do not asses any blame... let it go!
Despite the pain, there is a reason and meaning to this... you cannot choose love by yourself, LOVE CHOOSES YOU (=



naziar said...

sudah mahu kahwin yaa?

izzati said...

alamak! da nampak mcm dah nak kawin ke? hehehe...

blm ag, masih mencari & menanti ag (=

one fine day~ ^^